I’ve stayed tightly in my shelter,

in a familiar and safe place that I have started calling home.


Until the walls started to come closer. Home became a place of anxiety.
There was no room to fly – no room to dream.


Could there be something else behind those walls?


I began banging the walls with all my strength. It hurt but I kept going.


When I saw that first glimpse of light, it was so beautiful.

I saw freedom. I wanted to break free from my safe haven.


I got out. Breathed in.


I’m reborn.

Through this picture and poem I sum up this year 2016. It has been a year of rebirth for me. After being on the edge of quitting, I promised myself one more chance. I started to create pictures that I always have wanted to do. And how much I have done in one year! Nothing new never comes to life without pain or sacrifice. There is always the other side in every story, but this year will remain in my heart as a year of courage when I followed my passion. A year, when I found something new inside myself. A year, when I decided not only dream anymore but take an action and make those dreams come to life. I’m ready to grow my wings.

This pic was actually just a test. I was doing a different kind of picture, but when I asked my model to look down, suddenly this scenery told a very different kind of story. And it hit me. It was my story.
Thank you my beautiful model Maija Nuorteva!

I wish you all courage, happiness and freedom for the year 2017! Thank you for your support and kind words! It means a lot to me.





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