ND awards 2017: Bronze star + honorable mention

ND awards 2017 gave this year

Bronze star to ”Above”

and Honorable Mention to a series ”We all paint a different kind of blue”, that I haven’t even published yet. I’m really honored to have these awards. Thank you! ND awards, again you gave me a power boost to believe my visions. That means a world to me!


Story behind ”Above” is actually quite silly. Year ago I ate globe artichoke and found beautiful petals inside of it. They inspired me and I immediately started to collect them. Later I made a headpiece out of them and spaghetti, with some plants and some wool string. Last summer the rhododendron in our yard blossomed the most beautiful way. I noticed that blossoms had the exact same color that my globe artichoke headpiece had. I asked my daughter to model me again. It was the Midsummers eve here in Finland and there is always a bit of magic in the air. The picture turned out a bit strange but beautiful, very mystical, almost like out of this world. A very special picture for me.


We all paint a different kind of blue


Bound together
In time
In space


But we all paint different kind of blue

I saw this vision so clearly beforehand. A small hill, the sand and the hays. I saw the blue sky. And the horizon of the sea.

One person, who I highly respect, said to me ”when you look far, you see close”.

We were about to start driving to our summer holiday trip to Kalajoki. At last minute I ran inside to get my favourite red dress and confirmed that my husband had his red shirt with him. At the location I took only 36 frames, like the times with the film cameras.

It turned out to be a different family picture, where everyone has the space of their own. Space to paint the sky with a different kind of blue.



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