Midas touch

Last summer I went a little nuts about headpieces. It was like a mania. Creative madness. When I saw some color, dead branch, necklace or fabric of what ever, I immediately knew what I wanted to build out of them. All summer my husband was building a new fence for our garden and I was just goofing around with hot glue. I remember many times he opened the door and found me and a big mess on our kitchen’s table. I always took my puppy eyes and said: ”I think this is the last one”…but it never was. I just kept creating. And I think through headpieces I have found something that I really love to do – beautiful pictures spiced with fine art elements full of details and colors. I feel like that I’m also creating new small stories around my creations and new imaginary persons that are out of this normal world that we live in. Like I have done in my previous Taken by Nature, Posh Deer and Our Dark Secret series.

This headpiece was number 8, I think. It was one of the most difficult ones to build out of christmas decorations. But I really loved the shape it took. I wanted to take this headpiece in to a forest where all the leaves have fallen down with only pure shades of Finnish November around it. For those of you who don’t know, November is the darkest time of the year in Finland and the weather is mostly grey, rainy and nature has gone to sleep. You can choose whether you see only a nature that is dead or a beautiful color palette of brown and beige in all their shades.

I’m so glad that this young and sweet woman contacted me. I had seen few pics of Larissa before she asked would I like to collaborate with her. I was like ”Yes! Of course! You know I’m one of your followers. I would love to take pics of you!”. Larissa is from Belgium and she was here as an exchange student. Her look is very interesting, I think she looks like a real fairy and I love her hands. Beautiful alternative model! We had only one month until she would be away from Finland. I had a horrible rush at work, but I didn’t want to miss a shooting with her. We managed to book one day and I just hoped it would work out. I’m glad it did though we had a horrible weather with rain. Larissa you are a pro! Thank you so much contacting me, standing bravely in the rain and creating this headpiece project together. You are such a sweet model, heart of pure gold. I named this series ”Midas touch”. Hope you all enjoy these pics!

Model: Fox and Lionheart (facebook & Instagram)
Photos & Concept & Retouch & Headpiece & Clothes: Suvi Sievilä


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