Inspiration ”Candy wrap”

The biggest joy of inspiration comes when it happens unexpected. One moment like that was with the picture ”Above”, that came out of eating a globe artichoke. This time my inspiration was much more sweeter.

My mom made a holiday trip to Russia last spring and brought us some sweets. I was just unwrapping the delicious chocolate, when I took closer look at the candy wrap. How beautiful it was! My head was immediately filled with beautiful color palette and flowers. I just couldn’t let my eyes from it. I saved the wrap to remind me of that moment of inspiration.

It took some time to make this inspiration alive. I found a pink lace dress and flowers from flea market and noticed the match. And then I remembered this candy wrap waiting for the right time to be turned into a picture.

I think the best way to get inspired is to open your eyes to the ordinary things.

Sweet, sweet inspiration!

Sweet model: Katarina Kantanen
Muah: Satu Sirelius (
Photos & edit: Suvi Sievilä


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